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Primmer Languages now has accommodation services for students who are not based in Abuja.
Accommodation is only available for Only Adults from 18 years and Above.
Location is only 5km from the language school
Contact the Language school for supplementary information and updates.
Double sessions are made up of 2 levels of 8 weeks classes each. Please contact the admin on through a call or whatsapp message on 08064993924 to select a session to register for your classes.
For students who register for any of the double sessions of A1 and A2, B1 and B2, C1 and C2 or any other combinations, please see the receptionist use the subscription plans instead so you can pay at a discounted rate.
Kindly note:
All bonuses are valid for language classes ONLY
All bonuses are valid for Live classes ONLY
On registration all Students have to subscribe, like and follow Primmer Language Institute on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.
ONLY students who use the coupon codes or a subscription plan enjoy the discounts.

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