Is learning a language limited to any age bracket?

No, not at all, learning a language is not limited to a certain age. At Primmer languages students of all age are admitted ranging from 3yrs and above.

Can an absolute beginner breakthrough in learning any language of their choice?

Yes! an absolute beginner can breakthrough in learning any language of their choice, this is made possible based on the number of hours invested (course plan chosen) and with regular practice. It is a win win platform for both tutors and students.

Will I be able to speak the language after three (3) months?

Yes! The level of a student’s commitment and the intensity of the course plan chosen is a major determinant to whether a student can speak the language or not,  After three months on any of the packages,  Students should be able to  interact with the language to a large extent, especially when the language course is a requirement in the four competencies of Oral production, written production,oral comprehension and written comprehension in that language for the level chosen for that course which could range from beginner to intermediate and finally advanced level.

Can I make payment by installment?

Payment by installment is acceptable by the institute especially from students who may find it difficult paying at once, part payment is also accepted from clients/students registering for private tutoring who want to have  a trial class before getting fully committed to learning the language of their choice. On any of the plans chosen, we could accept payment in two installments.

Are the teachers native speakers?

Yes a lot of them are, to be precise 70%, while the other tutors are graduates of the languages they teach usually in the country where the language they studied is spoken or from Nigerian tertiary institutions with additional years of further language immersion studies and cultural experience in these countries. They are all also teachers with teacher training knowledge and experience. This last detail is a compulsory requirement in all language tutors

How many students are assigned to a class?

We have different types of classes. But the minimum number of students assigned to a class is 1, maximum is ten 15.

How many times are classes held in a week?

Classes at the centre are held a minimum of 2 days a week and maximum of 4 days depending on the type of class chosen.  While for private classes the students decide the number of days they want.

  1. How long do I need to learn to absolute fluency:

ANS: In order to attain absolute fluency in any language you need to reach the intermediate level first before the advanced level. From the intermidiate level. You are considered fluent in the language as you will be able to express yourself fluently with native speakers on all levels. To attain the intermediate level you need 144 to 200 hours of classes at primmer languages. This is equivalent to 2 sessions of 6 months  classes on 3 or 4 days per week plan which are called addict plan and strong man plan respectively.

How many sessions so you have in a year:

We have four  sessions per year. January to April, April to July, July to October and October to January. A year at primmer starts from January and ends January the following year.

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