Language Interpretation Service

For an interpreting service to occur, the interpreter can be in person, over the phone, or on a video chat to relay the message. As long as the interpreter can hear the message clearly, has a solid understanding of the subject matter, and is fluent in both the source and target languages, a clear and accurate interpretation ensues

Type of Interpretation services available:

  • Conference Interpretation:

A conference interpreting service where the speaker’s message is simultaneously interpreted into sign language. (1 spoken, 1 visual)

  • Document sight interpreting 

A document sight interpreting service where an English woman finds a family letter written in Italian and wants to know what it says. The interpreter reads the letter aloud in English. (1 visual, 1 spoken)

  • Medical Interpretation:

A medical interpreting service involving a patient in an American hospital who doesn’t speak English. The interpreter relays the patient’s needs to the doctor, and the doctor’s diagnosis to the patient. (2 spoken)

  • Court Interpretation:

A court Interpretation service is when an interpreter offers an interpretation of court proceeding with a consecutive interpretation style to the hearing of the court for a court case in respect of a client who can only speak one language.


Guaranteed Accuracy and Speed

Access our interpreting services over the phone instantly, or in person within 24 hours.